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Afternoon Lessons


L.O I can tell you why my body is amazing.

I can identify ways to keep my body happy and healthy.


Explain to children that during this lesson children will summarise everything they have learnt about keeping healthy and safe. Discuss with your child why their body is amazing! What things are they good at?

Encourage children to think about how we need to stay happy and healthy in order to do all of these amazing things.

Discuss the meaning of the word healthy; children to think about everything we have learnt about and mind map. Repeat this with the word happy. Go through Healthy Living Power point. 


Main Activity

Purple and Blue group to mind map ways in which they can stay happy and healthy (draw a picture and write a sentence underneath)

Extension: Can you think of anything unhealthy that will harm your body?

Green and Red and yellow groups to cut and stick their chosen images. Green and Red group to label their pictures with captions.




L.O I can understand how Christmas is celebrated

I understand why giving gifts is important and how it feels to receive a gift


Encourage the class to think about different types of gifts we can give and why giving is important. Ask children to think about the best gift they had received, discuss why it was so special to them and why they had received it.   Discuss the story of the Nativity learnt last week, and ask children to remember the name of the first gifts which were given to Jesus and explain why they were important. Discuss the different ways people celebrate Christmas.


Activity: Children to complete differentiated worksheets



To write about the different ways Christmas is celebrated and draw a picture of their most favourite gift; writing sentences with alongside each picture.


Green/ Red/Yellow

To label the pictures to show different ways Christmas is celebrated and draw a picture and label their most favourite gift.