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Afternoon Curriculum

L.O. I can compare Hall Green then and now

LO- I can identify changes that have taken place in my local area.


Bluey – How did people in Hall Green travel in the past?


Use presentation flip and follow instructions of each slide. Show children images of Hall Green Now Post office now and then. What differences do they notice? Is it the same building? How do you know? How do you know which is the post then and which is the post office now? Look out for answers such as one picture is black and white, The clothes are different, there is a horse and cart.  Repeat this process with other images from the presentation. Allow children time to process and observe differences. If needed print pictures for children to look at in groups.



Purple and Blue – Children to write comparison sentences to explain how the decided which picture is from the past and which is now.  


Green  - Sort the images into now and then. Write 2 comparison sentences

Red and Yellow - Sort the images into now and then.



Show 2 images of KFC Hall Green and what used to be there before. Explain to children that is a picture of the same place. They are both in colour and are modern pictures. What has happened? Is one in the past a long time. Explain that changes to our local area are happening all the time and are not just confined to a long time ago.