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Afternoon Curriculum

L.O – I can recognise and describe some of the human and physical features of my local area.

Before children complete Bluey – recap on what human and physical features are.

Bluey – Tick the images which are human features. Purple / Blue EXT - Can you write down two physical features?


Follow presentation slides.


Show an aerial map, remind children what an ariel map is. As a group Label the physical and human features. If available use post-its. Home leaners can print slide picture and label.


Launch Google Earth – Zoom into Hall Green. Do the children recognise the area? Type in Hall Green Infant school. Do the children recognise the school? What features do the recognise.  Is it easy to recognise the features from an aerial view? With an aerial view of the school click on the 3D icon. Ask children do they now recognise the school. Refer back to the Presentation slide and label the human and Physical features around the school.  




Purple and Blue – In groups (Home learners print out map and label) children to label the features by numbers. Then create a key, one for human features and 1 for physical features. Take photos and stick in books.


Green – In groups children to use post-its and label features of the map . Also write on post-its if the featuire is human or physical.  Provide Ipads after for children to use google earth. Take photos and stick in books.



Yellow Red – Children to use pre named labels and place on the map. Ipads after for children to use google earth. Take photos and stick in books.


Copy maps at A$ and enlarge to A3.

Plenary -

Refer back to google Earth and look at places the children want to see. Focus on local area. Go and visit capitals of the UK.