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L.O - I can draw lines and different patterns.

L.O - I can draw 2d and 3d shapes.


Split page in half to complete the activity.


Introduce line and pattern – Patterned landscape

Teacher to demonstrate different lines such as horizontal, vertical, curved, straight lines.  Children to use a pencil to create these lines in sketch books.  Move on to exploring pattern.  Look at the work of Karla Gerard and pick out different types of pattern.  Children to practice drawing these patterns inside the original pencil landscape lines.

Introduce line and shape – A colourful village

Teacher to show the children how to draw simple shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle using a pencil.  Children to practice drawing 2d shapes to create houses/buildings in sketch books with a pencil.  Next move on to drawing 3d shapes in pencil to create houses/buildings in sketch books. Extension: To create trees using circles.