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L.O- I can identify human features and physical features around my school.

Complete Bluey task – I can name the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.


Show children an ariel map of the school and its surrounding area. Also explain this is also known as a bird’s eye view. Explain meaning. Ask children what they can see. Explain to children the term human and physical features. Can they say what features on the map are human and which are physical? Go on a walk around the school and in its grounds to identify these features or any other features children may have observed. Take pictures to stick in books. Home learners go for a walk around your local area or use google maps to support this.


Activity – Once back from the walk complete the following activity.


Purple and Blue –

Make a list of human and physical features identified. Split book in half.


Green/Red – Divide children’s book into (red)four/six(Green) parts. Children to draw and label human and physical features they found.


Yellow - Divide children’s book into four parts. Children to draw human and physical features they found. As a challenge can they label their drawings.