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A New Beginning: 2019 - 2020


The children have settled into the nursery setting and are building up relationships with staff and each other.  They have begun to explore the resources nursery has to offer.

Who am I? - Autumn first half term 

This half term we have enjoyed finding out about ourselves and our family.

Care for your bear day - Thursday 3rd October 2019

Today the children came to nursery dressed in home clothes with a teddy bear.  Each child donated £1 to raise funds for Birmingham Children's Hospital.  A big Thank you goes out to you all.

The children were introduced to Values Bear who they will be taking home during the year, each half term has a Value which is focused upon. The children helped to create a large Values Bear for our display and had fun with the teddy bear's picnic, matching bowls and plates etc to the different sized bears.  Some of the children created bears from different sized circles and some practised holding a pen to carefully follow the dotted lines on a bear outline.

Arts Week in Nursery

During Arts Week, the we all had lots of fun producing pieces of art on a both large and small scale.  The children  explored different medium to create different effects.  We used the festival of Diwali  to focus upon focusing particularly on colour and light.  

Autumn Week 

Our focus this week was looking for signs of Autumn and Bonfire night.

Let's Celebrate! - Autumn second half term 

During this half term we will be looking at different celebrations and talking about how and what we do to celebrate them.

Children in Need 15th November 2019

This year the children dressed in the colours red, white and blue to raise money for Children in Need.  The Nursery children also made 'Spotty Biscuits' by decorating ready made biscuits with icing sugar and smarties.  A big thank you goes to the parents/carers who bought the biscuit for 25p.  It was a super day for a great cause.

Pooh Bear's 4th Birthday Party 2019

The Nursery children had a great time celebrating Pooh Bear's 4th Birthday.  All the preparation, activities and tasks which were carried out in the weeks leading up to the event definitely paid off!

Christmas Workshop 2019

The Nursery staff would like to thank all the adults for attending the Christmas workshop.  The children had a fabulous time spending quality time with their adult helper in creating Christmas cards.  This was a successful event and we hope you will join us for the next one!

Wheels, Wings and Water Spring first half term 

This half term we have enjoyed finding out about different types of transport and their uses.

Vehicle Workshop 2020

A successful workshop was held for parents and children.  The challenge for the session was to make a transport model.  The children (and parents) were very creative and lots of imagination was needed to make some fantastic models.  The children made cars, emergency vehicles, trains and even rockets.  A big thank you goes out to all those who attended and the nursery staff hope that everyone had a lovely time!

World book day 5th March 2020

The children came in to Nursery dressed as their favourite book character.  All the children looked wonderful and were able to say who they were.