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1LL - Arcimboldo Class

Class 1LL Archimboldo - Timetable (Summer 2)



Today was our Enterprise Day during which we tried to solve tomorrow's transport problems. We considered what the environment might look like in 2030 and realised that we need to adapt our current modes of transport to suit the harsher conditions of the future Planet Earth.  We designed and build prototypes for flying trains, futuristic aeroplanes, ships and air buses, all of which had strict criteria to comply with: suitability, size and appearance. We used our recycling junk and our classroom materials, and above all, we used our creativity, ingenuity, problem solving skills and teamwork to come up with original prototypes for vehicles of the future. We had so much fun today! Here are some of our prototypes. Who knows-one day, one of these prototypes might become reality.  Watch out world!


Our prototypes

Dear 1 LL parents and website visitors,


Summer is (nearly) here and with it a new Wider Learning topic: Knights and Castles. To kickstart our learning, we took a trip back in history, at Tamworth Castle. We undertook squire training, we dressed up as nobles, we tried out the servants' bed (and it was so, so uncomfortable!), we tried our skills at wielding a bardiche, we met the Lord of the Castle (and Mrs Lewis got told off for not curtsying the correct way) and generally, had lots of fun whilst learning about life in the Middle Ages. 



Life in Middle Ages England

Hello parents! Welcome to Year 1 LL's page!


We have started a new half term this week and with it, a new Learning Adventure topic. We are talking and learning about our local area. Please have a look at our AMAZING junk model of Hall Green. Isn't it just GREAT?

This is our interpretation of Hall Green. Can you spot our school? What about the library? Can you see the shops?

Hello Parents!


Year 1LL have been busy learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. Here are some pictures showcasing our talent, hard work and determination to succeed.

Year 1 LL have been paleontologists for the day. We enjoyed digging for, finding and studying various dinosaur fossils. We had lots of fun and learned about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Which one are you?

Year 1 LL were busy designing, making and appraising our learning dinosaurs, with our resident artist. We all had lots of fun and learned new skills.