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Year 1 and 2 - Starting Back

Is it really time to start thinking about getting ready for the new school year?  
Yes it seems that way.  We hope you have all had an enjoyable holiday!!
Don't forget that we have a Teacher Training Day on Monday 2nd of September and therefore the children in Years 1 and 2 start back on Tuesday 2nd. 
Reminders for the first morning back

School doors open at 8.45 and close at 8.56.  
After 8.56 you are considered late and need to sign in at the school office.
Year 2
2AM and 2ST enter school through the side door, off the main path between the two classrooms.
2JJ and 2NN enter school through the side (white) door, off the main path between the two classrooms.
A member of staff will be on the door to ensure children enter school appropriately and take messages for colleagues if necessary.  Parents are prohibitied from coming into school via these doors, they are for children only. 
Dismissal - Children can be collected from the external exit from each classroom along the main path.
Year 1
On Tuesday 3rd of September children from each class in turn will be invited to come through the main Annexe door a class at a time and into their classroom, where they will be met by their teacher.

It is essential that on the first day of school both parents and children know which class they are in and who their teacher will be.  This will enable staff to direct children to the appropriate classroom much more quickly. 
On Wednesday 3rd September children will have a much better idea of the morning routine and where they are going and all children will be invited to enter the Annexe through the main door.

Unfortunately we do not allow any Y1 parents into school in the morning as there is physically not enough space.  Several members of staff will be standing on the main entrance of the annexe and will be happy to take messages for the class teacher.  Alternatively you can write a note which your child can hand directly to them.
Dismissal at 3.20 - A Senior member of staff will be on hand to direct parents and carers as to the most appropriate place to stand.  It is essential that during the collection process parents and carers DO NOT call for their child.  We tell every child to wait until they are called by the class teacher, who will direct them to the appropriate adult collecting them.   

1PT - will be disminssed from their external classroom door.
1JF - will be walked around 1TW and will line up along the fence next to the 'Castle House'
1NW - will be dismissed from the main Annexe door.
1CT - will be dismissed from the main Annexe door.

We would kindly request that those collecting children stand well away from the main Annexe door during hometime as congestion makes it very diffiuclt for teachers to see.  Members of staff will be available to point parents in the right direction.

Other information
If you have any letters for the class teachers or for the school office, including payment for school meals etc, please give it to your child as the teachers will show them how to post it into the class post box. They quite like doing this very responsible job too!  Please remember it is essential to include on the envelope your childs name, class, how much is included and what it is for.
It is usually a little busy and often a little confusing during the first few mornings but everyone very soon becomes familiar with the systems within their new year groups.
Although it is not possible to talk to your teacher in the morning they will be available to talk to at the end of the day in the playground.
Thank you for your co-operation.