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Platform for Learning Award

Well done to the following children who all managed to complete 30 activities or more on Education City HOMEWORK during the Autumn Term.  We are really proud of your extra effort at home.  They will all receive their special certifiactes within the Commendation Assemblies over the coming weeks.


Name Class
Aaliyah RBL
Rishi RBL
Amandeep RJO
Faris RJO
Hasnain RRG
Sahib RRG
Holli RRA
Arji 1NW
Jasmine 2ST
Owais 2AM

We will be changing how we issue the Platform for Learning Award over the next two terms.  We will no longer be allocating homework for children to complete as we can now monitor all activities the children do, not just the homework activities.  We will therefore be awarding Platform for Learning certificates to all children who complete 30 or more activities (any activities on Education City) over the Spring Term between Monday 5th January and Sunday 12th April, and all activites done so far, since Monday 5th Jan, will be automatically included.  This target may increase for the Summer term.

Have fun and once again well done to all the children named above.