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Happy St Georges Day Everyone

We have enjoyed celebrating St Georges day today.  Mr Lamorte held two special assemblies and told us about the legend of St George and the Dragon.  We watched a really good YouTube movie  about St George and Dragon and discussed the different values that St George showed.  Mr Lamorte then chose some children to dress up as St George and the Dragon.  We talked about perseverance, caring, kindness and courage and about how displaying these values will help us to be better members of the school community and of society as a whole.  It linked very nicely to the idea of British Values.  Mr Lamorte also showed us the flag of St George and we learned the following information,


* St George is the patron saint of England and lots of other counties too.

* The flag of St George is also the England flag.

* It was introduced by King Richard 1st over 800 years ago


The children were so well behaved and joined in so well during the assembly that Mr Lamorte gave everyone a very special 'Happy St Georges Day' sticker.  Below you will find photos from the assembly, and a link to the YouTube movie clip we watched.  Enjoy!


Click on the link below to watch the story of the Legend of St George and the Dragon!