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Education City and Purple Mash

We are so pleased that so many of our parents are contacting school to inquire about Education City and Purple Mash.  Each year all the individual passwords for both Platforms for Learning need to be re-administered and this is a process we are going through as we speak.

We are hoping to send passwords for both Education City and Purple Mash to all children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 by the end of this week.  If you have any problems with your passwords please contact the school office, but please be mindful that the school technician only works on Tuesday evening and all day on Thursday to answer any technical questions.

Education City has had a bit of a face lift and has lots of new exciting activities for you all to try.  Please remember that we can only monitor the HOMEWORK activities and therefore children can only receive a Platform for Learning Award for completing 30 HOMEWORK activities or more.

Please remember that PURPLE MASH can only be accessed through the school website as we have our own gateway.  If you Google Purple Mash and try to log in, it will not work.  If  your child makes anything exciting on Purple Mash, please bring it in to show us as you might get a sticker and find your picture uploaded to the school website. 

These resources are FREE for you to use at home and will really help your children to practice and reinforce the skills they learn in school.  Have fun!