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Italian - Language of the Half Term

This half term the children will be learning Italian in school.  Take a look below at the  basic phrase poster to help you learn Itialian.  You could even download a copy to use at home!  You can also find below an ActivInspire presentation where Mr Lamorte has recorded the basic phrases to help you with your pronunciation. 

Did you know that......
* ...... Mr. Lamorte is half Italian and was taught to speak it by his Dad and Grand parents?  
*....... Italy is shaped like a boot!
*....... Italian is the main language but both German and French are spoken in some regions in Northern Italy.
* ...... 61 million people live in Italy (2011).

* ....... Rome is the capital city which is often called "Eternal City".
*..... The Nickname for the Italian Republic is "Bel Paese" which means beautiful country.