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Reading Books!


So far I have read with all of your children once. They should all have brought home their Guided Reading Book, a Challenge book and their reading records. As I continually read with and assess your child books will changed on a weekly basis. However, I will not be changing books until the previous one has been returned. Should you think the book I have given your child is not 'suitable', please understand two things;

1. Fluency is reading is where they can read all the words without having to stop and sound out most words.

2. Comprehension of the book is highly important and why we continually use questioning to see how much each child understands.


As your child will progress and books become more challenging, it will be important to keep questioning them to help further develop their understanding. To encourage the fluency for those children still sounding out most words, re-read the sentences and book again and again. And again and again!

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